K&F Concept 37mm Blue Classic Series Slim Multi Coated UV lens filter - KF01.1417

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K&F 37mm Blue Classic Series Slim Multi Coated UV lens filter 


K&F Concept PRO 37mm Classic Series Slim Blue Multi Coated UV filter - KF01.1417

The UV filter screws onto the thread found at the front of your lens and protects your valuable asset against moist, bumps, dust, dirt and scratches

UV (Ultraviolet) filters are used on digital cameras primarily to protect the camera lens from dust, dirt, and scratches. Here are some benefits and uses of UV filters:

Protection: A UV filter acts as a protective shield over the camera lens and helps to prevent scratches, dust, and dirt from coming in contact with the lens. This helps to extend the life of the lens and improve the image quality.

UV protection: UV filters also provide a certain level of protection against harmful UV rays. Although modern camera lenses are designed to block UV rays, a UV filter can provide an extra layer of protection.

Better image quality: UV filters help to reduce the effects of haze and improve the overall image quality. This is especially useful when photographing landscapes or scenes with a lot of atmospheric pollution.

Glare reduction: UV filters can also help to reduce glare and reflections from shiny surfaces, such as water or glass. This can help to improve the contrast and saturation in your images.

Easy to clean: Since the UV filter is located on the outside of the lens, it can be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth. This helps to keep the lens clean and free of dust and dirt.

Overall, a UV filter can be a valuable accessory for any digital camera user, providing protection for the lens and improving image quality in a variety of shooting situations.


Blue Multi-coated anti-fogging/ant-haze high transmittance optics manufactured in Japan

Frame is precision manufactured from high quality anti-corrosive aluminium

Clear Engraving to prevent fading of inscriptions

Multicoated layers to prevent scratches

Oil and water repellent

The precision thread ensures a smooth screw-on


Ultra thin, only 3mm eliminates any risk of vignetting

Suitable for lenses with a 37mm diameter - mm engraving followed by a ""ø"" (diameter) symbol on the front of the lens

Protects lens against scratches, dust, bumps and drops


1 Year local South African warranty

What's in the Box:

1 X K&F PRO 37mm Blue Classic Series Slim Multi Coated UV filter

1 X Protective Case


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