Photo 24 has a proud history of selling quality products selected through our own vigorous testing and evaluating before being sold on

Product warranties are as follows:

Jenova Tripods: 6 year warranty (Supplier in SA keep spares and in the unlikely event of failure, tripods are repaired within 10 working days
Jenova Camera Bags: 2 year warranty (in the unlikely event that zips or stitching fails, products will be replaced and not repaired
K&F Concept: 2 year warranty on all products
All other products: 1 year warranty

Terms of Warranties:
1. Warranty starts on the day that the product has been purchased.
2. Purchase order or invoice should be kept as proof on which date the product was purchased, without this order or invoice, we will be able to honour the warranty.
3. We will always be looking for reasons to fix/replace a product free of charge, however, if there is clear evidence of abuse then we will sadly not be able to do free repairs/replacements during the warranty period

In the event of a failure of any product, please contact us so that we can arrange for the product to be send to our warehouse for repairs. Any product that cannot be repaired within 15 working days will be replaced by a brand new one

To request a repair please contact us here