PIXEL X900N PRO 60GN iTTL Speedlite plus 2X Re-Chargeable Lithium Batteries For Nikon DSLR's

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PIXEL X900N PRO 60GN iTTL Speedlite plus 2X Re-Chargeable Lithium Batteries For Nikon DSLR's

The PIXEL X900N is the latest rechargeable Lithium Battery speedlites released for Nikon Digital SLR's. Ppacked with features and functionality that includes very accurate iTTL funtionality in both Master and Slave Modes. It has an external HV battery port. The 4 Watt Video/Modelling light is a unique additional feature. It is is easy to operate and includes HSS, iTTL, 2,4GHz master and slave functionality. The flash is powerful and  fast, also thanks to its convenient lithium battery that can last for 700 (1400 Shots for the 2 X Lithium Batteries) shots if fully charged. It comprises both Optical and Radio Master and Slave modes as well as S1 and S2 that makes it compatible with other brands.


Full Automatic Intelligent Through the Lens Functionality (iTTL - Nikon)/Manual/Stobe modes

Super Fast Full Power Recycle time of only 1,5 Seconds.

Modelling/Video Light - 4 Watt.

100% Compatible with Pixel KIng PRO Wireless Radio Trigger

100% Compatible with Nikon optical pulse master and slave system as well as S1 and S2 slave

S1 & S2 Slave

Auto Focus (AF) Assist Beam for Low Light Conditions

USB Port for Firmware upgrade.

Canon Compatiable External Power Soct

Synchronisation Port


Zoom of 20-200mm

GN(Guide Number) : 60 Metres (ISI:100, 200mm)

High Speed Synchronisation (HSS) up to 1/8000 seconds as well 1st Curtain and 2nd Curtain modes.

2,4 GHz Wireless Radion Master and Slave system with reach of up to 300 meters.

7,4 Volt Long Life Rechargeable Lithium battery that delivers up to 700 shots per battery before recharge is needed.


6 Month Local South African Warranty.

What's in the Box:

1 X Radio Master & Slave Speedlite for Nikon

2 X Long-Life Lithium Batteries

1 X Battery Charger




Instruction Manual


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