Visico 80 Watt PRO RGB LED Studio Light, AC or battery powered-VS-LED-80R


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Visico 80 Watt PRO RGB LED Studio Light, AC or battery powered-VS-LED-80R

The Visco LED studio light provide controls for brightness (0-100%) and colour temperature (2700-6500K)

This easy to operate video/photography light is a stable light source with  good color rendering and powerful functions. It is suitable for lighting for live broadcasting videos, studio, still life, portraits, weddings, macros, creative short videos, interviews, etc.


12 X FX special effect settings to choose from

APP control feature available

Fixture Mount 5/8"

Bowens S-Type Reflector Mount

Color temperature adjustment:  2700 - 6500K

Lighting composition: R/G/B/daylight/tungsten

Powered by Sony NP-F batteries permits use in both studio and outdoor.

The light has Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) mode to guide accurate colours

Hue, Satuaration & Intesity (HSI) mode. H= Angle between 0-360 degrees, the Saturation component describes how much the color is diluted with white light.

FX mode (12 effects)

Dot matrix screen gives clear indication of all the setting values

Brightness adjustment: 0-100%  

RGB color Gamut: 0-360°

Colour Rendering Index (CRI), Excellent at >95/100

Television Lighting Consistency Index (TCLI), Excellent at >97/100  for color response when using a video camera.

Flash head complies to IEC 62368-1 International safety standard for audio, video, information and communication technology equipment.


Output Power: 80W

Power supply: AC100-240V 50-60Hz or 2 X  NP-770/F970 batteries (not included) 

Dimension 21x12.7x13cm



1 Year local South African Warranty

What's in the box:

1 X 80 Watt LED studio light


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