Vanguard Alta RCL Reliable, Easy-Setup, Compact & Portable Large Rain Cover


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Vanguard Alta RCL Reliable, Easy-Setup, Compact & Portable Large Rain Cover

The Alta RCL Rain Cover (Large) is a practical and effective solution designed to safeguard your camera and lens from the elements, ensuring that sudden downpours won't interrupt your planned photo shoots. With a focus on simplicity and quick setup, this rain cover provides comprehensive protection without causing any inconvenience. Learn more about the key features, specifications, and what's included with the Alta RCL Rain Cover.

Key Features:

Efficient Rain Protection: The Alta RCL Rain Cover is engineered to offer reliable rain protection, allowing you to continue shooting even in adverse weather conditions. It's designed for quick and easy attachment, ensuring that you can protect your valuable camera equipment within seconds.


Large Size: Classified as Large, this rain cover is suitable for protecting a camera with a lens and hood up to 40cm long in total. It's ideal for professional DSLRs with larger lenses, such as a Canon 1Ds Mark III or Nikon D4 with a 400mm f/2.8 or 200-400mm f/4 lens attached.


Simple Setup: The rain cover features a user-friendly design, allowing you to set it up in seconds. The Velcro closure and hook/loops secure the cover around the lens, preventing it from blowing up in gusty winds.


Clear View Window: The Alta RCL Rain Cover includes a transparent rear window made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), providing a clear view of your camera's screen, controls, and viewfinder. This design ensures that condensation is prevented, ensuring a 100% clear view.


Glove-Friendly Design: With its open 'cover' design, this rain cover caters to all hand sizes and can be used with gloves. This feature enhances usability in various weather conditions.


Accessory Pocket: An integrated accessory pocket is situated under the rear viewing window, offering additional storage space for small essentials.


Compact and Portable: The rain cover can be neatly folded and fits compactly into the included pouch. This makes it easy to carry in your camera bag or pocket, ensuring you're always prepared for unexpected rain.


Type: Camera Rain Cover

Size: Large

Suitable For Example: Canon 1Ds Mark III/ Nikon D4 with 400mm f/2.8, 200-400mm f/4 lens attached

Transparent Window To See Camera Screen: Yes

Weight: 120g

Dimensions (laid flat): 86 × 95cm

Warranty: 1 Year

Extended Warranty: 10 Years

Colour: Black

Other: Includes carry poucH


1 Year Local South African Warranty

What's in the box:

1 X Alta RCL Rain Cover (Large)

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