Vanguard Alta BCS Versatile, Well-Organised, Compact Battery Case (Small)


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Vanguard Alta BCS Versatile, Well-Organised, Compact Battery Case (Small)

The ALTA BCS Battery Case (Small) is a highly functional accessory designed to keep your small camera essentials organized and easily accessible. This compact case is perfect for streamlining your workflow in the field, ensuring that crucial accessories are readily available when you need them. Explore the key features, specifications, and what's included with the ALTA BCS Battery Case.

Key Features:

Versatile Organization: The ALTA BCS unfolds to reveal a well-organized interior, featuring dedicated pockets for various camera accessories. It includes two slips for standard camera batteries, a transparent zipper pocket designed for memory cards, and an elastic loop to secure a small cleaning brush. The back of the case features a full-length pocket suitable for holding a filter.


Compact and Padded: The case is compact and well-padded, providing protection for your accessories while keeping them easily accessible.


Tether Loop: The ALTA BCS includes a small loop, allowing you to tether it either outside or inside your camera bag. This flexibility ensures you can customize its placement based on your preferences and needs.


Companion to Other Vanguard Products: The case is designed to complement and work seamlessly with other Vanguard products, offering a cohesive and integrated storage solution.


Accessories Type: Battery and SD Card Pouch

Size: Small

Suitable For: Two batteries, memory cards (one compartment), cleaning pen, and rear pouches for other accessories

Battery Pockets: 2

SD Card Pockets: 1

Rear Pouches: 1

Tether Loop: Yes

Weight: 40g

Dimensions: 11 × 4 × 12cm

Colour: Black

Warranty: 1 Year

Extended Warranty: 10 Years


1 Year Local South African Warranty

What's in the box:

1 X Vanguard Alta BCS Battery Case (Small)

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