Gossen Sixtomat F2 Exposure Meter

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1. Incidence and reflected light measurement. 2. Adjustable measured value display in full, 1/2 or 1/3 increments. 3. f-stop from 1.0 to 90, exposure time from 1/8000 s to 60 minutes. 4. Precise measurement and display. 5. Repetition accuracy of ± 0.1 EV. 6. Measured value display in 1/10 increments. 7. Flexible ambient light measurement. 8. Aperture or shutter priority pre-selection as well as exposure value display. 9. Analog contrast display in half f-stop values 10. Comprehensive flash measurement – flash exposure measurement (cord/non-cord) with adjustable synchronization speed up to 1/1000 s. 11. Display of ambient light ratio and multiple flash calculation

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