K&F Concept 8Kg Cap Aluminium Video Tripod, Panorama Fluid Ballhead KF09-121

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K&F Concept 8Kg Cap Aluminium Video Tripod, Panorama Fluid Ballhead KF09-121

Kenfaith Heavy Duty 8Kg Capacity Aluminum Video Tripod, Panorama function on Fluid Ballhead KF09-121

This K&F tripod provides smooth and stable movement for video recording


Smooth camera movements: The fluid head of the tripod allows for smooth and controlled panning and tilting of the camera, resulting in professional footage.

Stability: The tripod's sturdy construction ensures that the camera remains stable and doesn't wobble or shake during recording.

Versatility: Fluid video tripods can be used with a wide range of cameras, from small camcorders, mirrorless and large professional-grade cameras.

Precision: The fluid head allows for precise adjustments, making it easier to get the shot that you are looking for

Efficiency: The K&F fluid head video tripods can be set up quickly and easily, saving time and increasing efficiency on set.

Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of frequent use and can last for years.

A fluid video tripod is an essential tool for any filmmaker or videographer who wants to capture high-quality, stable footage with smooth camera movements.

The fluid head features side-button quick release which enables fast and safe camera fitting and removal by pressing the side release button and adjusting the knob

Included 1/4'' and 3/8'' screws quick release plate(built-in wrench) compatible with a host of DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, camcorders, gimbals, video rigs, etc.

Tilt Movement: -70° to 90°

Manufactured of high-strength aluminum alloy, double-row tubes with a 75mm bowl base and is suitable for indoor and outdoor photography.

1/4 "threaded hole for easy connection to other photographic equipment such as displays, led lights, magic arms and so forth


Folded Height:88cm

Minimum Height: 84cm

Maximum Height: 184cm

Weight: 3,88kg

Capacity: 8kg

Panning Range: 360°

Bowl Base: 75mm


12 Month local South African warranty

What's in the box:

1 X K&F Fluid Head Tripod

1 X Carry Bag

1 X Control Handle

1 X Camera Mounting Plate


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