Irix Cine lens 15mm T2,6 for Sony E Metric


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Irix Cine lens 15mm T2,6 for Sony E Metric 

Designed for up to 8K cine-style image capture, the Sony E-mount 15mm T2.6 Cine Lens from IRIX incorporates multiple internal and external design features. This compact 15mm lens will produce a classic wide-angle look and is compatible with full-frame 35, Super35, RED DRAGON 6K, ARRI ALEXA, APS-C, Micro Four Thirds, Super 16, and additional sensors. External features include a 95mm front diameter, 0.8 MOD gears, luminous focus marks in meters, and a detachable 1/4"-20 support foot.


Covers Full-Frame Sensor Size

43.3mm Image Circle, Sony E Mount

Aperture Range: T2.6 to T22

Luminous Focus Marks in Meters

95mm Front Diameter

Rounded, 9-Blade Aperture

180° Focus / 75° Iris Rotation

Adaptive Focus Ring for Manual/Motor Use

4 x Seals for Weather Resistance


1 Local South Africa Warranty 

What's in the box:

IRIX 15mm Cine Lens Sony E

Front Cap

Rear Cap

Support Foot (1/4"-20)

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