Gloxy 46mm Ultra Thin Professional Multicoated HD Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter - DI3980

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Gloxy 46mm Ultra Thin Professional Multicoated HD Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter - DI3980

Improves your images and at the same time protects your valuable investment against bumps and scratches

Gloxy Ultra Thin Digital Multi-Coated HD CPL Filter 

HD Circular Polariser Filter to enhance blue skies and remove glare from subjects

Enhance images with exceptional clarity

More colour saturation, less reflections.

Ideal for landscape photography.

Perfect for skies and green landscapes.

Removes reflections on water and other surfaces.

Repels dust and water.

Ultra Thin (XS)

Designed and Manufactured in Japan

2 Year Local South African Warranty.

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