easyCover Pro Silicone Camera Protection for Nikon J3 - Black


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Product Description:


The durable easyCover silicone camera case provides comprehensive protection for your camera while ensuring it remains fully functional. Please note that the camera and lens are not included; this case is designed to shield your camera against bumps, scratches, moisture, and to enhance its appearance.


Key Features:


·      Custom-fit design: Each easyCover camera case is tailor-made per camera model, ensuring a precise fit.

·      High-quality silicone: The silicone material used maintains the camera's slim profile, offers a smooth texture, and provides a secure grip.

·      Battery grip compatibility: While battery grips are compatible with some models without adjustments, for most models, slight trimming of the cover may be required for optimal fit when using a battery grip.




·      Tailored for camera body: The covers are specifically crafted for the camera body.

·      Professional appearance: Enhances the camera's look with a sleek design.

·      Protection: Guards against bumps and scratches without compromising camera functionality.

·      Custom manufacturing: Each cover is custom-made to fit various camera models, brands, and sizes.

·      Trim for battery grip: This PRO silicone cover can be modified (trimmed) to accommodate a battery grip.




6 Month Limited Warranty


What's Included:


1 x easyCover PRO Silicone Camera Case

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